5 Best Brands of Edible Paper 2022 (Wafer & Icing Sheets)

Best Edible Paper Brands
Best Edible Paper Brands

The 5 Best Brands of Edible Paper are:

  1. Oasis Supply (Best quality for the price)
  2. Wilton Sugar Sheets (Best variety of colors for a sugar sheet)
  3. IcingInks (Most affordable wafer sheets)
  4. Inkedibles (Great for commercial use with a large variety of products for wholesale use)
  5. Sweet and Magical Icing Sheets (Offers a great bundle set with an edible printer)

It’s important to always use the very best ingredients in every aspect of cooking and baking. So I am writing this article to guide you on how to select the right edible paper.

Edible Paper is a paper typically made from starches and sugars. that can be used as decoration on cakes and desserts.

There are two types of edible papers.

  • frosting sheets/icing sheets
  • wafer papers

To understand edible paper completely read my article A comprehensive Must Read Guide To Edible Paper

If you are new to edible paper don’t worry they are super easy to use and very versatile, you can check out the video below to get a quick rundown of how it works.

1- Oasis Supply Edible Paper

Oasis Supply– is my number one pick for making edible Wafer images. In my experience, these papers on average produce the best-printed images with extremely high-quality resolution.

Their products are high quality and very affordable. And currently, they are one of the most widely sold Wafer papers on the market.

Oasis Supply manufacturers both frosting sheets and wafer paper.

Oasis Supply Wafer Paper

  • It’s Wafer Papers are both sugar-free and kosher.
  • The Wafer paper is primarily made of Potato Starch and Vegetable Oil.
  • The wafer sheets are made in Holland.
  • Now having tried the wafer paper I found that their papers are super thin which allows them to blend in with cakes seamlessly making them idea for buttercream cakes.
  • They also can be trimmed without much hassle.
  • I found that it was easy to paint with edible ink on the paper. It dried quickly without smearing.
  • However, painting on the paper does make it easier to crack so if you need to cut it in shapes do so before painting it to avoid it from breaking.

Oasis Supply Icing Sheet

  • The Icing Sheets are also durable and merge easily.
  • It will bond with fondant using edible glue.
  • The Icing Sheet works best with buttercream or Whipped Icing.
  • The Icing Sheets are made in the USA, FDA Approved Kosher & contain no non-allergens
  • The company however does not supply a variety of sizes in the frosting sheets category.

The company supplies not only Edible Paper but many other party supplies.

I highly recommend their wafer paper for beginners and professionals alike.

Where to Get Oasis Edible Paper

You can click here to see the price for their 8 by 11 (inch) Wafer Paper on Amazon.

Or if you want you can click here to see the price for their 8.5 by 11 (Inch) Icing Sheet

Oasis supplies edible paper in sizes such as-

  • Oasis O grade Wafer Papers are 8 by 11″ (25 count).
  • AD Grade – 100 Sheets priced at Premium Wafer Paper
  • AD Grade (20 count)
  • 1.5″ Round Wafer Paper Discs – 400 count
  • Edible, Ultra Flexible Icing Sheets, White, 12 count
  • Wafer Paper – O Grade – 25 Sheets priced
  • Wafer Paper – O-Grade – 4,500 count
  • Premium Wafer Paper – DD Grade – 25 Sheets
  • Wafer Paper – O Grade – 100 Sheets
  • Premium Wafer Paper – AD Grade – 4,000 Sheets
  • Premium Wafer Paper – DD Grade – 2,250 Sheets
  • Premium Wafer Paper – DD Grade – 50 Sheets

The grade of the paper refers to the level of the thinness of the wafer sheets. The list above may not be all the edible papers sold by the company. For more information visit the website linked above.

2- Wilton Sugar Sheets

Wilton Sugar Sheets– This brand is my number one choice for edible frosting sheets. The edible paper has a great variety of colors such as black, white, gold, etc. The taste of this paper is sweet because its main ingredient is sugar. Wilson sugar sheet blends in easily with desserts.

The paper is also easy to cut. There’s no preparation and no mess. Just punch or cut the paper in the pattern of your choice, remove the plastic backing and place your decorations on the dessert.

I purchased a pack of the black to cut out black strips on a cake for a friend, zebra printed cake. It worked perfectly.

It is shipped in a convenient resealable package. Wilton Sugar Sheets comes in a pack of three.

They are made in Israel. Check the company’s website for more information on the product.

Where to Get Wilton Sugar Sheets

Amazon usually has Wilton Sheets in stock, you can click here to see the various designs that they have.

3- IcingInk Edible Paper

Icingink- this brand is Gluten and Allergen free. Icinginks is a great company because it stocks a great variety in both wafer and icing sheets. They offer different sizes of icing sheets and wafer paper both of which have a high quality. They are also perfect for both commercial and home use.

This brand is also great for beginner cake decorators because it offers special bundles prices to start printing edible images.

The Frosting Sheets are dairy and nut-free and are also FDA Compliant which I loved.

Where To Get IcingInk Sheets

You can get their frosting sheets on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price there.

They also have a large variety of sizes and shapes of edible products such as.

  • Icing Sheets(8.5″ X 11″) Carton 10 Packs – 240 sheets A4 size
  • Icing Sheets (8.5″ X 11″) Pack – 24 sheets A4 size
  • Icing Sheets (11″ X 17″) Pack – 20 sheets
  • Icing Sheets (8.5″ X 11″) COMBO – 3 Packs of 24 A4 sheets
  • Icing Sheets (8.5″ X 11″) Pack – 12 sheets A4 size
  • Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 25 sheets 0.27mm thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 50 sheets 0.27mm thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 100 sheets 0.27 mm Thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 50 sheets 0.40mm thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible THICK Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 50 sheets 0.60mm thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible THICK Wafer Sheets Pack A4 size – 100 sheets 0.60mm thickness
  • Prime Blank Edible CARDSTOCK Extra Thick Wafer Paper Pack A4 size – 50 sheets

These may not be all the sizes of products carried by the company. You can check their website for more information.

4- Inkedibles Paper

Inkedibles- this brand is a high-quality manufacturer of edible ink, edible paper, etc. It is best used for commercial large scale baking purposes because its products are always in stock.

I tried their Wrappable edible cupcake liners you get 120 pre-cut cupcake baking cup liners.

And I have to say that I loved the concept of eating the cupcake liner and my kids had fun designing the liners with edible markers. A perfect way of getting kids involved in the baking process without them getting in the way.

The company also sells:

  • frosting sheets (blank, premium) 24 sheets 8.5 by 11″
  • Blank Artisan Frosting Sheets 8.5 by 11″ for 24 sheets
  • Coloured Sheets 5 in a pack
  • Flavoured Scented Sheets- this is Hershey Chocolate flavored and tastes just like Hersey’s chocolates
  • Flex Frost Frosting Sheets 20 sheets
  • Inkedibles Premium Frosting Sheets 24 pre-cut, 8 inch circles

These may not be all the products sold by this company. Check the company’s website for more information.

5- Sweet and Magical Icing Sheets

Sweet and Magical Edible Papers are kosher and they have a slightly sweet taste. It is the least expensive featured in this article but the variety in the sizes and thickness of the paper is very limited.

Where to Get Sweet and Magical Sheets

Their products are sold on Amazon you can click on the links below to see the current price for them there.

Premium Wafer Sheets

Premium Frosting Sheets

Sweet and Magical also have a great combo set which comes with a edible printer, edible paper and edible ink. You can click here to see the combo set on Amazon.

What edible paper can be used for?

  • You can use it along with edible ink and an edible ink printer to print custom edible images on to cookies, cakes etc.
  • You can use decorative paper punches to create intricate wafer-paper cutout designs, and apply them to an entire cake tier for a stunning lattice work effect.
  • You can make wafer paper flowers or butterflies, leaves, etc in any shape, color or size you want for a stunning 3D effect.
  • Make a decoupage. You can add an impressive level of detail to any baking project by cutting edible paper into designs and putting them on your cake.
  • Make edible cake toppers in different designs to suit the theme you are going for.

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