8 Best Electric Pie Maker Machines 2022 For Faster Baking

Best Electric Pie Maker Machines
Best Electric Pie Maker Machines

In my opinion, the Best Pie Makers are:

  1. Master Chef Mini Pie & Quiche Maker (Ideal for small families)
  2. Baby Cakes Pie Maker
  3. Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker (Great to make a full-size pie)
  4. Dash Pie Maker (Best for medium size pies)
  5. Holstein Housewares Pie Maker (More suited for a single person)
  6. Cucina Pro (Great for appetizers and also very inexpensive)
  7. Salter Double Deep Fill Pie Maker (Allows you have the most amount of filling in your pies)
  8. Sunbeam Mini Pie Maker (Extremely durable)

Pie Makers have gained massive popularity in recent years. This is because Pie Makers are a quick, inexpensive way of making delicious and quality pies at home. Whether it be sweet or savory pies.

And in this article, I will guide you through some of the best pie makers available and hopefully help you to select the right one for you.

1- Master Chef Mini Pie & Quiche Maker

The Master Chef Mini Pie Maker makes 6 delectable pies. Its’ pies are the perfect size for children or for a small bite-size snack.

This Pie Maker makes it very easy and simple to make delicious yet healthy snacks for your family.

The Master Chief is one of the most affordable pie makers on the market.

Advantages of the Master Chief

Perfect for making Quiches as well as Pies, allowing you to create your own favorite sweet and savory recipes.

The Master Chief has a non-stick interior which means you won’t have to use extra butter or oil.

Includes a dough cutter so you can measure the perfect amount of dough for your pies and quiches every time

Disadvantages of the Master Chief

1- This pie maker has no on/off switch, so you need to plug it in when you’re ready to start the cooking.

2- Kind of difficult to clean since neither of the plates are removable.

3- The Master Chef only makes small bite sized pies.

Where to Get MasterChef Pie Maker

Amazon usually has the MasterChef Pie Maker at a reasonable price, you can click here to see the current price there.

2. Baby Cakes Nonstick Coated Pie Maker

This pie maker makes 4 mini pies making it perfect for a small family or a couple, who might not be able to finish a traditional size pie.

The Baby Cakes Pie Makers is super easy to use and you can make a variety of dishes in it, not just pies.

Baby Cakes Nonstick Coated Pie Maker prices range from $70 to $80.

Pros of The Baby Cakes Pie Maker

1- Baby Cakes Have really good Non-stick Cooking Plates

This makes them super easy to clean and allows you to use a lot less oil and butter to prevent the pies from sticking

Which lowers your pies overall calories and fat content and thus makes your pies a lot more healthy.

2- Easy to Use

The Bake Cake pie maker has a very user-friendly design, it has a Power and ready to bake indicator lights which acts as a guide to prevent you from under or overcooking your pies.

And it comes with all the tools to help you to make your pies such as pastry cutting tool and Pie Press tool which helps you to get the perfect size pies for the sloths. This will prevent the pie crust from overlapping and getting burnt.

3- It is a very durable pie maker

These Pie makers are designed and made tough so that they can handle everyday usage.

4- Flexibility

Baby Cakes Pie Makers are very versatile they allow you to make both Sweet Or Savory Pies.

And they can even make pies without a top crust.

5- Faster

You do not have to preheat this pie maker, saving you valuable time and effort.

Cons of a The Baby Cake Pie Maker

1- You have to wait a few minutes after opening and unplugging it before removing the pies if not the pies will fall apart.

But don’t worry those this is already added to its design and cooking time.

2- More tough to clean:

The plates don’t come out so it’s a bit hard to clean if any food gets stuck on.

You would have to take the plug out of the electrical socket then wipe the pans off with a damp cloth, you should do this while the pie maker is still warm so the food comes off easier.

I would recommend you purchase the purple model (PM 44) in this brand. There is also a pink model available in this brand but this was sold through a third party therefore these pink units could be refurbished and would not have their warranty guaranteed.

Where to get Baby Cake Pie Maker

You can get the Baby Cake Pie Maker at Walmart, click here for the current price there.

3.Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker

Full size pie maker Wolfgang Puck

This pie maker is perfect if you are looking for a pie maker that makes regular sized pies.

Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker is one of the only high quality full size pie maker on the market.

This brand is owned by a renowned celebrity chef, Wolfgang Johannes Puck, who makes a variety of popular kitchen products. Citation.

What’s remarkable about these machines is that they are durable, easy to use and even with a celebrity chef’s name attached to it, they are still reasonably priced.

And that is why I purchased the Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker.

Bonus Tip

I have discovered that if you put aluminum foil at the bottom of the pie maker pan it makes it easy to remove the finished pie and clean up the pie maker.

Key Features and Pros of the Wolfgang

1- Very Consistent

The Wolfgang Puck pie maker provides the perfect temperature to consistently cook a wide variety of 9-inch pie dishes. It gives your pies a flaky crunchy crust and smooth silky filling.

2- Great Design

It also has a ready light which lets you know when the pie maker has reached its optimal cooking temperature.

The Wolfgang also has a molded crimper that seals the pie crust during baking giving you crisp edges which I love.

They have a built-in Cool-touch handle with a locking latch which ensures the pie maker remains securely closed during baking and ensures the pie bakes evenly.

The Wolfgang comes with Non-skid feet, which keeps the pie maker securely in place while you fill or remove your pie.

This is important especially when you are in a rush, other pie makers may slip or slide spilling the contents of the pie maker all over. The Wolfgang design makes it steady so that it won’t tip over making it perfect for someone like me.

Drawbacks of the Wolfgang Pie Maker

The main drawback for the Wolfgang Pie Maker is that it can only cook one big pie.

Where to Get the WolfGang Pie Maker

You can get the WolfGang Pie Maker on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price there.

4. Dash Mini Pie Maker (Medium Size)

The Dash Mini pie maker makes 1 single-serving medium-sized pie on your counter-top.

If you are not satisfied with mini bite-size pies features on the other pie makers and would like your pies to be larger, but not as quiet as big as the traditional 9-inch pie, this is the pie maker for you.

This Pie maker is in the middle size of all the options shown in this article. It is perfect for serving for 2 persons or if you want to treat yourself, have yourself a treat day, and enjoy the entire pie. I think this pie maker is perfect for a dorm room.

A chicken pot pie in the Dash Mini Pie Maker sounds divine. It has a deep pie cavity that has space for lots of fillings and gives your pie a crispy flaky crust.

Advantages of Dash

It heats quickly and cooks evenly, allowing you to make your favorite pies in minutes. You can quickly whip up sweet pies like apple, blueberry, pumpkin, and savory breakfast quiches and chicken pot pies.

It has a PFOA-free non-stick cooking surfaces heat evenly.

The Dash Mini Pie Maker is very inexpensive compared to other pie makers.

It also has a Circular crust cutter included for perfect pie crust, every time

Disadvantages of Dash

Cooks really quickly, you have to keep your eyes on the pie, to prevent it from overcooking.

Where to Get Dash Pie Maker

You can get the Dash Pie Maker on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price there.

5. Holstein Housewares Mini Pie Maker

If you are a single person and you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen preparing healthy meals, this is the pie maker for you.

The Holstein Housewares Pie Maker has two perfect pie pockets that you can use to whip up a quick pie or transform leftovers into something new and delicious.

It has a fun, modern design that will be a highlight to every kitchen and also comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor.

You can create both a sweet and a savory pie at the same time. Make breakfast or lunch in one pie slot and dessert in another. Perfect!

Advantages of Holstein

1- Fast: Holstein Housewares easily bakes two mini pies in minutes and has deep pockets to hold lots of fillings.

2- Easy to Clean: The pie maker makes cleaning up a breeze with non-stick coated cooking surfaces.

3- Good Design: Holstein Pie Makers are designed with a safety lock built into it and with convenient carry handles.

And a non-slip base keeps the maker securely closed and in place while cooking

It comes with an indicator light that lets you know when the maker is on, preheated, and ready to cook.

Holstein also comes with a pie cutter and a special spatula to help you lift the pies up.

Disadvantages of Holstein

There is no off/on switch. You have to unplug the pie maker between each use.

6. Cucina Pro Mini Pie and Quiche Maker

The Cucina Pie Maker is an exceptional pie maker it can make 6 mini pies or quiches which is perfect for bite-size appetizers or desserts for a party.

I recently purchased one and it works amazing.

They are perfect for kids because you can custom make different pies in each pie pocket depending on your child’s likes and dislikes, plus you can sneak some fruits and vegetables into their diet easily.

I used it a lot when I had a birthday party for my daughter and the kids just loved it. I made 3 batches and it was gone in seconds, not a crumb left. I made fruit pies using cherries, apples and raspberry. I knew the kids were picky eaters and I wanted a variety of options for them.

It was easy and quick to use. My pies came out looking very professional. The edges had a very clean decorated crimp, which I thought was a added bonus.

Advantages of Cucina

This Pie Maker is suitable for both your favorite sweet and savory fillings.

It can be also be used to make pies without the top pie crust.

Cucina Pro is also very affordable and had a good quality.

Cucina Pie Maker also features a non-stick interior which makes for easy cleanup. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and its clean. No hassle.

It also includes a dough cutting circle so you can measure the perfect amount of dough for your pies and quiches every time.

Disadvantages of Cucina

If you like big pies, this is not the pie maker for you. It holds about 1 tablespoon of filling and makes bite size pies. So if your looking for a pie maker to make dinner or lunch pies for your family, I don’t think this pie maker will work for you. Unless you plan on making multiple batches.

Where to Get the Cucina Pie Maker

You can get the Cucina Pie Maker on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price there.

7. Salter Double Deep Pie Maker

If you are in a mood for pies and don’t want to spend hours baking one, try the Salter Double Deep Pie Maker. This pie maker is perfect for people like me that love pies with a lot of filling inside plus the pies are of a reasonable size.

Your options are endless with this pie maker because you can create sweet as well as savory pies in this. People have even raved about making breakfast in the Salter’s pie maker. The recipes options are endless, plus this pie maker is very sturdy and has a clean modern design.

Advantages of Salter

The Salter Double Deep Pie Maker allows you to make two deep fill pies in ten minutes.The time you would take to go and buy one, you can already make one in the comfort of your own home.

It includes a pastry cutter which makes the pie size perfect.

This pie maker also Features non-stick cooking plates and the pie maker has a cool touch handle allowing you to remove food effortlessly when it is cooked without being burnt.

Designed to release the pies without tearing or crumbling the non-stick plates ensure that it is simple to clean after use.

Disadvantages of Salter

It has a UK plug (240 volts) on the unit. If you live in North America you have to purchase a separate converter/adapter to use with this pie maker.

8. Sunbeam Pie Maker

Sunbeam is an Australian Company that specializes in pie makers.

Their pie makers are strong and easy to use plus they have a wide variety of pie makers to choose from. I believe Sunbeam has some of the best pie makers on the market today. They are constantly upgrading their pie makers and coming up with new products.

The four slot pie maker is a perfect pie maker for a four member family, their mini pies have a deep pocket allowing you to enjoy more filling. It is also very durable and has a modern design.

Advantages of Sunbeam

This pie maker comes with a pastry cutter allowing you to get the perfect size of the crust every time.

Sunbeam also has a non stick surface so your pies can be easily removed.

It is very durable and will last a long time.

It also has an extra deep base and top plates, so your pies will have extra filling. A Crimper seal locks in delicious fillings.

Disadvantages of SunBeam

It is a little more expensive than some of the other pie makers featured above, you can click here to see the price of it.

Bonus Pie Makers:

Kmart Pie Maker

Now if you live in Australia or New Zealand it is noteworthy that the Kmart Department Stores sells The Kmart Pie Maker which is one of the cheapest makers on the market. It also has great quality and durability.

I have never used it before but lots of people are raving about the Kmart Pie Maker so check it out if you can. It makes 4 mini pies, cakes, fritters, donuts, etc.

Emeril Pie Maker by T-fal

This pie maker is a great purchase. It can be used for not only pies but cakes, biscuits, quiches, egg muffins, etc. Its versatility is endless.

It is one of the many products made by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse whose products tend to be very high quality

Emeril’s Pie Maker bakes 4 individual sweet or savory pies or cakes in about 8 to 10 minutes.

You can see it in action down below.

Features include

  • Nonstick baking surface for easy removable and quick clean up.
  • Ready light signals when pre-heating is completed and ready for use
  • Includes a pastry cutter for making customized pie crusts for the top and bottom
  • It has a sleek, modern look that is sure to please everyone.

What should you look for when buying a pie maker?

1- Non Stick Surface

Having a pie maker that has non-stick coating is a must-have. You really don’t want your pies to stick to the surface of the pie pockets. This will be difficult to remove and can damage your pies.

If you purchase a pie maker without a non-stick coating, you may spend more time cleaning than baking.

2- Number of pie baking slots and the size of each

This depends on your intended use of your pie maker, you will want to consider the number of pies that the pie maker can make at one time as well as the size of the pies created.

3- Time the Pies Take to Bake

We all know that time is money. Everyone is so busy and different pie makers have different cook times. You have to think about what types of pies you intend to cook and how long would it take to cook.

4- Price

You should consider your budget before buying, thankfully Pie Makers are relatively inexpensive. Prices range from $28 to $130.

Name of Pie Maker No of Pie Pockets Cook time
of finished pie
Depth of finished pie
Cakes Nonstick Coated Pie Maker
410-15 minutes3.5″2″
Wolfgang Puck Pie Maker 115-20 minutes9″2″
Master Chef Mini Pie and Quiche Maker 68 minutes2 1/2″1″
Holstein Housewares Non stick Mini Pie Maker 210 minutes3 1/2″2″
Cucina Pro Mini Pie and Quiche Maker 68 minutes2 1/2 “1″
Salter Pie Maker 210 minutes4 1/4″2″
Dash Mini Pie Maker 18 minutes4 “2″
Sunbeam Pie Maker412-15
Kmart Pie Maker413
Emeril by T-fal48-10

The time featured in the table above is the standard time recommended by the manufacturers of the pie makers. The time may vary depending on the type of pie you are making. It is always important to read the instruction manual for any electrical appliance you purchase before using it.

Also, almost all of these pie makers have specified using cooked filling in the pie maker especially in meat pies because the pie maker may not cook the filling in such a short time as specified in the direction.

Uses of a Pie Maker

If you invest in a pie maker machine you will find that it is can be used in many different ways such as:

  • pies both sweet and savory
  • brownies
  • poaching eggs
  • quiches
  • muffins
  • donuts
  • hash browns
  • mini cob loaves

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