The 6 Best Electric Pie Maker Recipe Books

Best Electric Pie Maker Recipe Books
Best Pie Maker Recipe Books

Pie Markers are a lifesaver for anyone with a busy lifestyle. They save time and money. They are easy to use and most importantly they can be used to make a variety of delicious meals.

Investing in a Pie Maker has changed my life and has been an instant hit with my family.

If you are interested in learning more about pie maker machines you can read my guide 10 Best Electric Pie Maker Machines.

I have discovered that in my quest to find a variety of delicious, healthy recipes that there were so many creative, simple and fun pie maker cookbooks available on the market.

I have compiled a list of my favorite pie maker cookbooks below. Here they are in random order:

  1. The Magic of Mini Pies: Sweet and Savory Miniature Pies and Tarts (Has the best traditional pie recipes)
  2. Mini Pies- Adorable and Delicious Recipes for your Favorite Treats (Ideal for beginner bakers)
  3. Mini Pies: Sweet & Savory Recipes for the Electric Pie Maker  (Has some really quick recipes)
  4. Pies and Mini Pies (Ideal for dessert pies)
  5. 175 Best Mini Pies: sweet to savory Comes with a wide variety of recipes)
  6. The Pie and Pastry Bible (More suited for an experienced baker)

1. The Magic of Mini Pies

The Magic of Mini Pies is written by Abigail Gehring an author and editor of more than a dozen books.

The Magic Of Mini Pies is the Perfect Cookbook for someone who wants to learn to make all the classic traditional pies in a pie maker.

It is simple to understand and has many of the delectable staple pie recipes to try out in your pie maker.

It comprises of 50 creative recipes for individual pies and will provide a step by step guide to assemble and bake pies using an electric mini pie maker that the whole family will love.

There is a recipe for everyone, whether your preference is a sweet filling such as strawberry-rhubarb, classic apple, and cinnamon, plum-ginger, peanut butter chocolate pies or classic favorites such as pecan or chocolate.

Also, it has a variety of recipes for savory pies like Steak and Guinness Pies and Spinach Mushroom Quiche.


  • The recipes features are mostly classic favorites that everyone enjoys.
  • This cookbook is also filled with luscious photography, that is sure to inspire non-bakers and cooks alike.
  • It offers 4 different homemade pie crust recipes that you can mix and match with different fillings options.
  • Easy Step by step guide with pictures to follow.


  • It features only 11 savory fillings with the rest being sweet filling pie recipes.
  • It has only 4 types of pie crust recipes. Some more experienced bakers may want to try more options.

Where to Get The Magic of Mini Pies

You can get it on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for it there.

2. Mini Pies- Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats

Mini Pies- Adorable and Delicious Recipes for Your Favorite Treats is written by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth owners of the Mini Empire Bakery in Seattle.

This is a cute little book for a beginner baker. It has made easy the art of pie making for the average person to understand.

If you have trouble in the kitchen and you will like to learn the basics of pie making, this is the cookbook for you. It is simple and does not have complicated time-consuming recipes.


  • It is very simple to follow the recipes which also has accompanying pictures
  • It offers variations for GLUTEN-FREE and a VEGAN crust as well.


  • The cookbook itself is very small.
  • It does not have a large variety of recipes. Here is what the book contains 8 Pie Crusts Recipes,12 Fruit Pies, 8 Creamy Custard Pies, 8 Nut & Savory Pies, and 5 Toppings.

You can click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

3. Mini Pies: Sweet & Savory Recipes for the Electric Pie Maker 

The author Abigail Johnson Dodge is a former pastry chef and widely respected baking expert, as well as a popular food writer and instructor.

This cookbook features delicious 40 recipes all catered towards the electric pie maker. The recipes featured in this book are catered towards a four pocket pie maker but you can easily adjust it’s featured ingredients to suit your type of pie maker.

Most of the recipes featured have a short cook time in the pie maker. This cook book is perfect for quick cooking recipes.

Mini Pies Cookbook has a variety of great recipes for both sweet and savory pie fillings and for pastry pie crusts. It also has ideas for pies that can be a main course for dinner as well as some that would be great for breakfast.

It has recipes for fruity fillings, such as classic apple and cinnamon, tangy cranberry-pear, plum-ginger, or strawberry-rhubarb; decadent treats, such as gooey s’mores or caramel-banana pies and some classic favorites like pumpkin, pecan, or chocolate.

The savory pie recipes are fit for a meal or snack. There is a recipe for spinach and feta, ham and egg quiches, or even chili pies, there are a wide range of options for everyone’s preference.


  • Most of these mini pies bake in the pie maker in just ten minutes.
  • It has beautifully illustrated pictures.
  • I really love this cookbook because it focuses on pies made in a mini pie maker.


  • The recipes are geared towards a 4 pocket pie maker so if you have another type of pie maker machine, some conversion of ingredients may be required.

You can click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

4. Pies and Mini Pies

Bonnie Scott is the author of dozens of recipe books, including the Bestselling “In Jars” series, and “Cookie Indulgence”. She is an independent web designer and freelance writer for numerous websites.

This cookbook has 150 recipes featuring dessert pies as well as mini pies. It is priced well for the quantity of recipes it offers.

The recipes have details for both the crust and baking time for full size or small pies.


  • Pies and Mini Pies has many tips in the beginning of the book for persons who have never baked pies before and also a good reminder for those who have.
  • Some of the recipes also have directions on how to make the recipe for the mini pie sizes.
  • This cookbook has beautiful images of the pies along some of the recipes.
  • There are lots of categories to choose from.


  • Not all recipes have pictures and there is no nutritional information although some are not made with sugar.
  • This book has only dessert pie recipes, there are no savory recipes in this book
  • The author uses muffin pans to create the mini pies instead of a pie maker, so some adjustments may be needed for the recipe.

You can click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

5. 175 Best Mini Pies: Sweet to Savory

Julie Anne Hession is a successful chef, food writer, and food blogger.

In this cookbook the author shares tips and techniques from her wide experience in creating perfect mini pies.

It features 175 different recipes at a very affordable price and has great variety in both sweet as well as savory pies.

She also provides recipes for a wide array of crusts including gluten-free and vegan options. A wide variety of flavor combinations are also used ranging from the sweet and sumptuous to the hearty and savory.

If you have a mini pie maker or just need some great ideas to get started, this book is wonderful. It has a great variety in its content.


  • It includes recipes for the mini pie makers as well as for things like pie pops, turnovers, and calzones.
  • There are also recipes for various crusts such as pie crusts, pastry crusts, and a number of flavored and seasoned crusts.
  • The cookbook also features recipes for quite a few sauces.


  • There are not many pictures featured in this cookbook.

You can click here to see it on Amazon.

6. The Pie and Pastry Bible

This cookbook was written by Rose Levy Beranbaum who is an award-winning author of 10 different cookbooks, including the now classic, The Pie and Pastry Bible.  

Rose Levy Beranbaum has written, in my opinion, one of the best cookbook for pie making because of the clarity she brings to measurements and different techniques as well as the large variety of recipes she has created.

This cookbook is suited for the very skilled bakers who can easily convert the time and measurements for recipes featured in this book for use in a pie maker. I must warn you must be a skilled and experienced baker to do this.

I love this cookbook however, for its vast content. If you are going to buy one cookbook about general pie and pastry baking, buy this one. It won’t disappoint. The contents include:

  • Crusts
  • Fruit Pies
  • Chiffon Pies
  • Meringue Pies and Tarts
  • Custard Pies and Tarts
  • Ice cream Pies and Ice Cream (!!!!)
  • Tarts and tartlets
  • Savory Tarts and Pies and Quiche
  • Biscuits and Scones
  • Fillo
  • Strudel
  • Puff Pastry and Croissant
  • Danish Pastry
  • Brioche
  • Cream Puff Pastry
  • Fillings, toppings
  • Sauces, glazes


  • One of the best cookbooks on the market about pies, a absolute classic and a complete guide.
  • It is priced well for the large quantity and quality of recipes.
  • The author gives precise and concise tips and tricks so no guessing around with her recipes will be required


  • The Pie and Pastry Bible is not made for use with a pie maker. Some conversion of the needed baking time and ingredients will be required.

You can click here to see the price of it on Amazon.

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