5 Tips When Storing Butter without Refrigeration

How to Store Butter without Refrigeration
How to Store Butter without Refrigeration

Ideally, you should not keep your butter out at room temperature for more than a day or two. But I know sometimes, you cant help it. 

So here are 5 tips on how to store your butter to keep it good without refrigeration. 

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1- Use Salted Butter

The best kind of butter to keep outside the fridge is salted butter instead of unsalted butter. 

This is because the salt in the butter acts as a natural preservative to help prevent bacteria and mold. 

Unsalted butter can also be stored without a refrigerator but it will not last as long. 

How long can salted butter be stored outside of the fridge?

According to the American Butter Institute (yes, this is an actual place!), salted butter can be stored on your counter or at room temperature for up to a week as long as the temperature remains below 70 degrees. If it gets hotter, then your butter will not survive much longer. 

How long can unsalted or whipped butter be stored outside of the fridge?

Unsalted or whipped butter should not be kept out of the refrigerator for more than a few hours. 

The USDA and FDA recommend refrigerating unsalted and whipped butter in its original package near the back of the fridge where it is coldest. 

When you are ready to use it, you can remove it from the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before for a smooth, spreadable consistency. 

If you have to use unsalted butter, then I recommend getting a cooler or ice bucket (something with a lid that will keep the ice for as long as possible). Place your unsalted or whipped butter (in its original package) in a container and then put it in the cooler with ice. 

2- Use The Right Storage Container

The best kinds of containers to use are airtight butter crocks, butter bells or containers like the Quick Vac Butter Container from FoodLite.

FoodLite’s Quick Vac Container are not just airtight but is vacuum sealed which keeps air and moisture out while preserving the freshness and taste of your butter. 

These containers will not only prevent mold and bacteria but will also protect your butter from light and from absorbing other odors from food or things around the area. 

You can click here to get the Quick Vac Butter Container by FoodLite on Amazon.

3- Leave Small Amounts Out At A Time

To prevent all your butter from spoiling, only leave the amount that you need to use out at a time. 

To do this, you will need to check on how much butter you use in a given time. Ration out how much you will need and leave that out. 

If you do not have access to a refrigerator to store the excess, then only buy what you will need to use for the week. This, unfortunately, means that you will need to buy butter from the supermarket more often. 

Video – Tips on How to Store Butter out of the Fridge

4- Keep It Away From Sunlight & Heat

You should keep your butter in an area where it won’t be exposed to sunlight like in a cupboard.

This is because too much exposure to sunlight can break down and oxidize your butter and make it rancid.

5- Watch The Temperature

Like sunlight and light in general, heat also speeds up oxidation. This is because butter has a high-fat content which is why it oxidizes quickly. This causes it to go rancid, taste weird, and even lose its texture. And eventually causing it to spoils. 

To avoid this, keep your butter away from the stove and other sources of heat

Also, if your room is too hot, your butter won’t make it. 

If the temperature of the room is hotter than 70–77°F (21–25°C), then you should not keep your butter outside of the fridge. 

An Alternative To The Refrigerator

A great DIY alternative to store your butter is to use a cooler with ice or an ice bucket with a lid. 

This is a short-term fix, but if you do not have access to a refrigerator and you need to store excess butter (salted and unsalted), then you can do this. 

Place your butter in an airtight container. Fill a cooler or a closable ice bucket (or something that can preserve ice for as long as possible). Place the container with your butter in the cooler. 

Just remember to replace the ice as it melts to maintain the coldness and keep your butter fresh. 


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