6 Best & Healthiest Chocolate Milk Powders That You Must Try

There is nothing more comforting than a warm cup of chocolate milk on a cold day or night. Chocolate powder drinks are a delicious yet quick and easy choice to satisfy any chocolate cravings.

But there are a seemingly endless variety of chocolate powders available and some that are extremely unhealthy.

So we have narrowed your choices by tasting and doing a ton of research, to choose the tastiest and healthiest chocolate milk powders.

The 6 best yet healthiest chocolate milk powders are:

  1. Earth Echo Cacao Bliss – (A very healthy organic chocolate powder Mix, that is dairy-free)
  2. BariWise High Protein Hot Cocoa (Low carb, & low in calorie)
  3. NESTLÉ MILO Chocolate Mix (Ideal for kids)
  4. Nestlé ABUELITA Hot Chocolate Mix (Best Taste)
  5. Nesquik Powder Chocolate Drink Mix (A Classic)
  6. Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Mix (Best value for rich flavor)

1. Earth Echo: Cacao Bliss – Organic Chocolate Powder Mix

Earth Echo Cacao Bliss is a healthier version of the classic hot cocoa and dark chocolate drinks. Now even though it is very healthy it does not compromise on flavor. It has a delicious, comforting taste of chocolate without the empty calories.

It is packed with 10 powerful superfoods, including anti-aging and inflammation-fighting nutrients such as raw cacao powder, turmeric, MCT oil, lucuma, organic cinnamon, monk fruit, Himalayan sea salt, and coconut sugar.

Cacao Bliss can be mixed into hot, cold, or warm liquids such as coffee, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. You can also add it to baked goods and other recipes to add more nutritional value to your drinks, desserts, and hot chocolate recipes.

Cacao Bliss is also gluten, dairyfree, and contains no soy.

Where to Get Earth Echo

Now the main drawback with Earth Echo is that it is very pricey but I think it’s worth it, being that it is tasty yet very healthy.

You can get Earth Echo on Amazon you can click here to see the current price for a packet there.

2.BariWise High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix

BariWise Cocoa Mix has a great tasting sweet flavor that dissolves really easily with hot water or low-fat milk. It is a delicious Instant Low-Carb, Low-Calorie Hot Chocolate Mix that has a lot of Protein.

Now because it is packed with protein it can help curb any hunger cravings. cocoa mix making it perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or for anyone just trying to eat healthier. Each portion has only 80 calories per serving, and no added sugars.

BariWise comes with 7 ready to mix portions in each box perfectly portioned to enjoy at any time of the day.

Plus they have 8 varieties of different flavors including chocolate, amaretto. chocolate marshmallow, Cinnamon, Irish Cream, Mint, Mocha and Raspberry dink mixes. They also have a variety pack if you wish to experiment with flavors.

Where to Get BariWise Cocoa Mix

You can click here to see the price of BariWise Cocoa Mix on Amazon.

3. NESTLÉ MILO Chocolate Malt Beverage Mix

NESTLÉ MILO Chocolate Malt Beverage is a personal childhood favorite of mine, and the reason is its delicious flavor that is not overly sweet.

Milo in just its powdered form is also really delicious and my kids sometimes eat a tablespoon or two of it in its powder form. Milo has always been a family favorite in my home.

Milo is fortified with 8 essential vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of iron, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamins B2, B3, and B6, plus one glass of MILO made with skim milk provides 50% of your daily calcium needs.

It can also be used hot, cold, and with more sugar or milk added to suit your taste.

Where to Get Milo

Milo is available in a 3.3-pound can (1.5kg). One tin can make 53 – 8oz glasses.

You can get Milo on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for one.

4. Nestlé ABUELITA Hot Chocolate Drink Tablets

Nestle Abuelita Hot chocolate Drink tablet is not a traditional chocolate powder drink, but more of a round cake of roughly ground real cacao (cocoa bean) mixed with cane sugar and cinnamon.

However it earns a place on this list due to the unmistakable taste and aroma. It is authentic, frothy Mexican hot chocolate drink, with a unique cinnamon flavor, and it is perfect for any occasion. 

To use Nestle Abuelita you must add the tablets to a pan of milk to slowly melt. One tablet makes 4 cups.

Where to Get Nestle Abuelita

Nextle Abuelita is very affordable, you can click here to see the price of a pack on Amazon.

5. Nesquik Powder Chocolate Drink Mix

Nesquik has been a family staple for over 70 years. It has a classic chocolate flavor that somehow manages to recapture your childhood and this makes it taste even better

Nesquik is available in many flavors including banana and strawberry and can also be found in syrup form.

Where to Get Nesquik Mix

You can click here to see the price for a pack of Nesquik Powder Chocolate Drink Mix that has 6 canisters.

6. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix

Ghirardelli chocolate drink mix has the most amazing chocolate flavor with a mild hint of vanilla. This hot chocolate beverage mix delivers the perfect balance of chocolatey sweetness in every sip.

Ghirardelli hot cocoa powder is kosher certified and is made from premium quality cocoa at a pretty affordable price and is available in packs of six 10.5 oz bags.

Where to Get Ghirardelli Chocolate Drink Mix

You can get Ghirardelli chocolate drink mix on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for a pack of 6.

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